Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Animation is like an onion...

...it has many layers. Or perhaps its more like a parfait, people like parfaits. Anyway the last month of my life has taken me though every layer of the animation process, from story development to visual development, and finally to production. (This is a long post so you'll have to scroll down.)

Animation: Below I've posted my final push/pull animation, and I've included all the benchmarks we had to hit as far as progress goes on this assignment, they appeare in this order below: 1st the final animation, 2nd the initial poes test (the starting point, just key poses, usually the 1st thing you'd show a director or supervisor where you have to sell your idea for the shot), 2nd pass (with inbetweens), 3rd pass (more porgress more inbetweens), 4th pass (nearing completion but still in need of some work). You'll notice that the set comes up around my character as time goes on, I had to create it as I animate. (Each video requires quicktime to play):

Concept: Concept is our story development class and our big project for this semester was the One Minute piece, in which we had to FULLY develop our story and characters, treating it like pre-production for our senior thesis, which begins next semseter. Anyway here's my final product, its a piece about a child who dreamed of being an astronaut, and even grew up to become one, but teh job wasn't as great as he thought it would be (requires quicktime to view):

Drawing For Animators: Here's my 1st digital painting for DFA:

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  1. I'm no expert when it comes to animation, or parfet-related popularity, but is it possible that animation is like a parfait? I'm sure a parfet-- whatever it is (South American rodent? Decorative detail common in early medieval architecture?)-- is pretty impressive, but parfaits are probably tastier.